Jun 11


The Glass House

Please join us for the 100th—and final—online Glass House Conversation as we consider our collective digital future.

Since 2010 the online Glass House Conversations have brought together an illustrious group of hosts and participants from many creative disciplines, including architecture, art, design, landscape architecture, and preservation. We thank you all for making this program a success! Three years, and 100 Conversations later, it is time to bring this forum to a close as we prepare new online programs. What does the future hold? Join our mailing list and you won't miss a beat!

The World Wide Web was first conceived as a space for connecting people as well as communicating new research and ideas. Over time the web has grown to provide those with access an opportunity to engage in myriad online communities and conversations while, at the same time, presenting new challenges to preserving and documenting its history.

How can the web best inspire new dialogue? What does preservation mean in the digital world? How do you imagine your digital future?

Closed Conversation

Week of May 12, 2013


Hosted By:

Felix Burrichter

Editor/Creative Director, PIN–UP

Closed Conversation

Week of April 7, 2013


Hosted By:

Alastair Gordon

critic, curator and filmmaker

The Final Word for this conversation has not been chosen yet.
The Final Word for this conversation has not been chosen yet.